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PokerStars started its work in 2000 under the leadership of Rational Enterprises Company, and in short period of time it became a leader, and at the moment, is the undisputed leader among online poker rooms in the world.

PokerStars offers players a large selection of poker games, participation in numerous promotional events several million dollars are drawn monthly.

Apart from it poker room allows new players to get free education at poker school, and after the first replenishment of deposit to get a first deposit bonus of 100% of the deposited amount, but not more than $600.


PokerStars offers its players a few bonuses that allow you to increase the amount of bankroll.

The first deposit bonus is given to new players of the poker room, it is equal to 100%, and its maximum amount reaches $600. New players have to replenish personal account with one of the available options and indicate the promo code "STARS600" to get a first deposit bonus. After replenishment the players will be given a 100% bonus on the deposited amount, but it should be played in poker games for real money. Players need to start playing poker and earn VPP points, as exactly for them bonus dollars are accrued. For every 20 VPP points receive 1 bonus dollar and points are kept into the personal account and are not charged. Payments of the bonus on the first deposit are made by 10 dollars sums, i.e. for every 200 points. Scoring of bonuses is done for the rake taken from the players, at the rate of 1 dollar equal to 5.5 VPP-points. The poker room gives four months to players to play the entire bonus or a part of it.

Free $20 bonus is available to all new players, as well as the previous one, but its amount is $20, and it is suitable for players who do not want to invest a large sum into the personal account. You will need to replenish the account on $20 to get a bonus on your first deposit, indicating the promo code "FREE20". The bonus will be accrued in the next 36 hours on the player's account, and he will receive four free tickets to freerolls 100K Privilege Freerolls, which are held daily and where more than $100,000 is drawn monthly.

Bonus for rereplenishment of the account at a rate of 25% is usually available to players on the eve of the famous poker series WCOOP. Players, who have chosen to get this bonus, have to deposit a sum into a personal account, indicating the promo code "WCOOP". The bonus can not exceed $150, and to play it, you should earn VPP points, which will release the bonus dollars. For every earned 20 points $1 is accrued.


PokerStars holds on its platform a large number of promotional events, allowing players to receive additional cash prizes, free tournament tickets and other benefits.

Promotional event

"100KPrivilegeFreerolls" is a series of daily freerolls with a total monthly prize pool of 100,000$. The promotional event is open to all players of the poker room, it is enough simply to replenish the player's account for any amount, and players, who have got a status ChromeStar, can exchange tickets to freerolls absolutely free of charge. You can play four freerolls with guaranteed prize pool of $1,000 in promotional event.

The promotional event VIP-Club Poker Stars is the month; usually it is August, when players get additional benefits from the poker room. Players gain points twice as fast as in the happy hours - Happy Hours In the month of VIP-club, as well as five tournaments-lotteries are available to them, where more than a million of dollars is drawn. Apart from it VIP- satellite-quizzes are held where 35,000 tickets to various tournaments with big prize pools are drawn, and players can take part in them, answering correctly the question about the club Poker Stars. In addition to all that, the online store Poker Stars provides discounts on many products, both on gadgets or different electronics.

The promotional event Open Poker League is held regularly by PokerStars. Tournaments in different countries with different payment for participation are organized in this promotional event. Tournaments are held in three divisions for Russia.


- division 3 - free of charge - re-buy is available

- division 2 - buy-in $1.10 - re-buy

- division 3 - buy-in $5.50 - re-buy.

Points for each division separately are accrued for prize-winning places in tournaments, than they are summarized by the end of the month and winners receive cash prizes. First 100 places are awarded by prizes.

TOP-3 receive the following awards by divisions:

- 1 place - division 1 - $300, division 2 - $100, division 3 - $40

- 2 place - division 1 - $200, division 2 - $80, division 3 - $30

- 3 place - division 1 - $100, division 2 - $60, division 3 - $25.

The promotional event Battle of the Planets takes place regularly on the playing platform in the SnG tournaments. Players participating in the SnG tournaments and prize winners earn points, which are counted at the end of the month, and players with the highest score are awarded by cash prizes.

The promotional event Battle of the Planets is divided into divisions according to buy-in:

- Mercury - buy-in from $1.00 to $2.99

- Mars - buy-in from $3.00 to $4.99

- Venus - buy-in from $5.00 to $9.99

- Earth - buy-in from $10.00 to $19.99

- Neptune - buy-in from $20.00 to $49.99

- Uranus - buy-in from $50.00 to $99.99

- Saturn - buy-in from $10000 to $299.99

- Jupiter - buy-in from $300.00 and higher.

Each division has two orbits - low and high, so the players involved in a small amount of the SnG tournaments are in low orbit, but those who play a lot, are in high orbit. But despite the orbit the prize pools have the same amount.

Monthly prize pools by divisions:

- Mercury - 1500 dollars

- Mars - 2000 dollars

- Venus - 2500 dollars

- Earth - 3000 dollars

- Neptune - 3500 dollars

- Uranus - 4000 dollars

- Saturn -4500 dollars

- Jupiter - 5000 dollars.

The promotional event Live Poker allows players to win a voucher for a trip to the popular poker series: WCP, EPT, Russian Poker Series, APPT, LAPT, ANZPT, PCA, UKIPT, IPT, Eureka Poker Tour and Poker Stars Macau with minor investments in satellites.

VIP-Club Poker Stars allows players to receive benefits from the poker room, it has seven levels, and the higher level is, the more benefits are available.

Levels of Poker stars VIP-club:

- BronzeStar - from 0 to 99 VPP-points (monthly)

- ChromeStar- from 100 to 499 VPP- points (monthly)

- SilverStar- from 500 to 2499 VPP- points (monthly)

- GoldStar- from 2500 to 7499 VPP- points (monthly)

- PlatinumStar- from 7500 and higher (monthly)

- Supernova - from 100000 to 999999 VPP- points (annually)

- SupernovaElite- from 1000000 VPP- points and higher (annually).

Depending on the level the players have following privileges:

- receiving of FPP-points faster with each level

- VIP-tournaments and special VIP-tournaments with large prize pools (over $1,000,000)

- VIP-bonuses

- tournament tickets

- Poker Stars branded goods

- FPP-satellites

- FPP- tournaments

- freerolls

- satellites to the popular Sunday tournament Sunday Million.

Games available

PokerStars offers the following poker variants:

- Texas Holdem Poker

- Omaha

- Omaha Hi Low Poker

- Seven Card Stud Poker

- Seven Card Stud Poker Hi Low

- Five Card Stud Poker

- Badugi

- Razz

- Deuce to Seven Single Draw (2-7 Single Draw)

- Courchevel

- Courchevel Hi Lo.

Software features

High-quality PokerStars software allows players to use the following convenient functions:

- change of table screensaver

- selection of favorite locations

- quick search for ring games and tournaments on the set parameters

- quick poker - ZOOM

- game statistics.


PokerStars organizes on its gambling platform a lot of tournaments that greatly vary by the buy-in and structure of tournament.

Types of tournaments:

- SnG (Sit N Go) - tournaments with a number of players from 2 to 990.

- Fifty50 is variety CnG tournaments where the 50% of the participants get prizes

- Steps are multileveled CnG satellites that allow winning tickets to tournaments with big prize pools

- MTT are tournaments with a large number of participants (from 1000 and more) and large prize pools compared to buy-in for registration

- Shootout is a kind of MTT tournaments where the game at each table goes until one player remains, and so to the final table

- Heads-up is a kind of Shootout tournaments, in which players play one-on-one

- Satellites are qualifying tournaments that allow winning tickets for major tournamentsat minimal cost

- Rebay is a kind of tournament where players can buy more chips when they have lost all available chips

- Knockout is a kind of tournament where players are rewarded for knocking out other contenders from the tournament

- Deep Stacks - is a kind of MTT tournaments where players get Deep Stacks

- Zoom is a tournament where participants change their tables after each dealing, i.e. rivals are constantly changed

- Turbo is a tournament in which the blinds increase at a high rate

- GiperTurbo is a tournament in which the blinds increase at very high rate and the starting stacks are very small.


PokerStars charges from its players a standard rake of 5%. Players can return part of the money, participating in the VIP-club. The rakeback at the highest level is 36%, but apart from it other benefits are provided, starting from additional free cash bonuses, and ending with free participation in tournaments with guaranteed prize pools from 500 to 1,000,000 dollars.

Add/withdraw funds

PokerStars offers a large number of methods to add and withdraw funds: Yandex Money, WebMoney, entropay, Skrill, NETELLER, MobilePayment, moneta.ru, Ukash, QIWI, MasterCard, Visa, United cash and bank transfers.


PokerStars has around the clock support for all players. For any question e-mail at [email protected] Answers from poker room support come very quickly and with detailed explanations.

Supported platforms

PC/Linux/Mac/Android/Mobile Phones

Cons and pros

+ Is the most popular poker room in the world

+ Online technical support

+ Large selection of poker games

+ A large number of players

+ Lots of tournaments

+ Excellent VIP program

+ Bonus on your first deposit

+ Reload bonuses

+ A large number of promotions.

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