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Aced Poker is part of the Merge Network, providing quality services in the field of casino gambling. All users can take online poker training for free which is conducted by professional players. You only need to register in DragTheBar and follow simple requirements of poker room administration. Also, new players will have access to numerous learning videos, forums for communication with successful poker players as well as a great bonus on your first deposit up to $ 5,000.

Numerous promotions where they raffle off hundreds of thousands of dollars will impress any player. Well-designed loyalty program allows players to raise their skill level, gives various benefits in relation to free participation in tournaments and high rakeback.


Aced Poker welcomes all new players with a nice bonus on your first deposit, which can reach $5,000, and is 200%. Every user can get his first deposit bonus - he just need to register on the playground, add funds to personal account and then start playing poker for real money.

Terms to get a bonus on your first deposit:

- register in the poker room

- put $10 ore more on your gaming account and indicate a promotional code ACEDPK

- bonus is available on amount up to $2,500 only

- start playing poker on the cache tables and tournaments

- earn points when playing for real money

- point to dollars conversion rate is 150:1

- a bonus is paid to your account in equal installments for $5

- bonus validity is 90 calendar days from the date of the first transfer of funds to your account

Also poker room provides an opportunity for all players to get Reload Bonus. It is equal to 100%, and its maximum amount can not exceed $1,000.

Rules for getting a bonus for re-refill:

- transfer of funds to your account and indicate promotional code PM5PK

- participate in ring games and tournaments, earning points

- conversion of points into dollars is 150:1

- bonus payout of $5 to your account

- bonus validity is 90 calendar days


Aced Poker organizes a variety of promotions for players that allow to win various prizes: cash awards, tournament tickets or poker bonuses.

«Two-A-Days» promotion is held by the poker room regularly and it is open to all players. Any player who has earned 2 points in one day during the month will be awarded by a ticket to a freeroll with a prize pool of $1,000. Freeroll takes place every second Saturday of the month, and it involves those players who got their ticket in the previous month.

"$10,000 Depositors Freeroll» promotion is designed for players who add funds to their personal accounts in the poker room. The campaign is ongoing, and those players who funded their account during a month, get a ticket to the $10,000 Depositors Freeroll, which takes place every second Friday of the month.

«Double Reward Points» promotion applies to all players who play poker for money, whether it is cash games or MTT tournaments. By this promo players can earn twice more points as usual and it takes place on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. But you should know that you can use Active Points donated by poker room as a bonus in exchange for money or buying tournament tickets, but they can in no way be considered on getting a higher level of loyalty program.

«Free Seat Giveaway» promotion held in the poker room regularly, and allows players to win $215 tickets for the tournament with a guaranteed prize pool of $100,000, which is held every Sunday. To get a freeroll tournament ticket players should earn 100 points during a week and notify the poker room. After checking the posted results, the administration will issue a ticket to a freeroll in which those players who won the first fifty places will be awarded by tournament participation with a large prize pool.

«Tourney King» promotions are organized for players who prefer MTT tournaments. Playing in tournaments players earn leader points of MTT tournaments if win prizes. At the end of the month are summed up and leaders of the two categories are identified: low limits ($ 0 to $ 19.99) and higher limits ($ 20 and up). Then $20,000 cash fund is distributed between the winners.

Low limits:

- 1st place - $1,500

- 2nd place - $900

- 3rd place - $600

- 4th place - $300

- 5th place - $225

- 6-15 place - $169 and a tournament ticket worth $60

- 16-30 place - $109 and a ticket to the tournament with a prize pool of $50,000

- 31-40 place - $60 and a tournament ticket worth $60

- 41-50 place - $11 and a tournament ticket worth $11.

High limits:

- 1st place - $3,000

- 2nd place - $1800

- 3rd place - $1,200

- 4th place - $600

- 5th place - $450

- 6-15 place - $209 and a tournament ticket worth $109

- 16-30 place - $169 and a tournament ticket worth $60

- 31-40 place - $109 and a ticket to the tournament with a prize pool of $50,000

- 41-50 place - $60 and a tournament ticket worth $60.

«SnG Leaderboard» promotion is designed for those players who love to play in the CIS tournaments, and is available to all players of the poker room. To participate in this promotion its enough to play in the CIS tournaments. The more you participate in the tournament, the higher the chance to get into the top places on the leaderboard of CIS tournaments. When scoring takes into account the number of wins in the past month in the CIS tournaments, as well as the cost of buy-ins.

The prize fund of the leaders of the CIS tournaments is as follows:

- 1st place - $2,000

- 2nd Place - $1,250

- 3rd place - $1,000

- 4th place - $750

- 5th place - $650

- 6th place - $550

- 7th place - $450

- 8th place - $400

- 9th place - $350

- 10th place - $300

- 11th place - $250

- 12th place - $225

- 13-14 place - $200

- 15-16 place - $175

- 17-18 place - $150

- 19-21 place - $125

- 22-25 place - $100.

Poker room loyalty program allows players to return part of the money that the poker room takes as a rake.

Loyalty program has several levels, according to which rakeback is payed.

Levels of loyalty programs:

- Bronze - from 1 to 99 points, rake - 8%

- Silver - from 100 to 749 points, rake - 10%

- Gold - from 750 to 1,499 points, rake - 14%

- Platinum - from 1500 to 7499 points, rake - 19%

- Diamond - from 7500 to 19999 points, rake - 25%

- ACED - 20,000 points and higher rake - 35%.

For all levels daily freerolls are held with prize pool of $ 25 and a monthly freeroll with $5,000 prize pool for the ACED level.

Games available

Aced Poker allows to play the following popular poker varieties:

Texas Holdem Poker with unlimited fixed limit


Omaha Hi Low Poker

Seven Card Stud Poker

Seven Card Stud Poker Hi Low

Five Card Stud Poker


Software features

Aced Poker is powered by Merge Network gaming software which allows players to use the following features:

- graphical configuration of tables

- use of emoticons and animations when chatting

- player rank and awards displayed

- quick search of tournaments and cash game tables by various parameters

- establishment of private tables with password access

- view possible turn and river cards after giving up the game

- game statistics request for further analysis


Aced Poker organizes a variety of tournaments on its playground that differ in structure and cost of buy-in.

Freerolls - tournaments in which the prize fund is provided by poker room and players can register for free, so you can build a bankroll without risking you own money.

CIS tournaments - a tournament with a small number of players, and correspondingly small prize pools.

MTT tournaments - a tournament which involves a large number of players, and their prizes are hundreds of times higher than the buy-in cost spent at registration. These tournaments are very popular among players, especially those that run at weekends and got massive guaranteed funds.

Satellites - qualifiers, allowing by minor charges win tickets to tournaments with big prize pools.

Bounty tournaments (shootouts) - MTT tournaments which has an additional prize money from which the premiums are payed for knocking other players out of the tournament.


Aced Poker charges a rake from all their players in the amount of 5%, but makes the return of the funds through a loyalty program, with an average of 14%, and the maximum rakeback is 35%.

Add/withdraw funds

Aced Poker offers its players a few ways to add and withdraw funds: Visa, NETELLER, Moneybookers and bank transfers.


Aced Poker has a round the clock support to all its players through feedback form, located on the playground or at the e-mail address [email protected]

Supported platforms


Cons and pros

+ ability to play in your browser without downloading the client program

+ prompt technical support via e-mail

+ playground for poker, online casino and sportsbook

+ the most popular poker varieties

+ lots of different players (including the weak ones who came from the casino or bookmaker)

+ plenty of tables for cash with different limits

+ a lot of tournaments

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