To the hotel has become known throughout the world, not enough to build a huge building, decorate rooms and expensive materials to provide superior service. Need a highlight which makes spoiled tourists to fly to him from all over the globe.

So, some resort hotels, having many advantages, forever remembered by visitors, first of all, incredible pools. These original and incredible buildings are masterpieces of architecture and design ideas. Even pictures of them cause a flurry of emotions, and the lucky ones who are lucky enough to have a swim and dream someday to return.

Swimming in the clouds

The first pool, which will be discussed, is in Singapore at the Casino Marina Bay Sands. Imagine three dvuhsotmetrovyh building, which is a huge "Celestial Park» (SkyPark) in the form of a boat of almost twelve and a half thousand square meters.

At the edge of the terrace is a swimming pool hundred and fifty meters in length and volume of 1424 cubic meters. He has no visible fences, giving the impression of swimming over the abyss. Visitors have the opportunity right out of the water to admire the breathtaking views of Singapore.

Pool Hotel Marina Bay Sands is the world's above-ground construction of this kind, and at the same time SkyPark can relax about four thousand visitors. On the other fabulous places and events blogs tell the players.

In limbo

The Joule Hotel, Dallas, Texas that also have unusual pool. He is not impressive size or unique design. Its uniqueness lies in the layout and design.

Hotel guests can enjoy a swim, while high above the ground. Pool hangs over the street at the height of the tenth floor. The front wall of the pool is transparent, which enhances the effect of bathing.

For this project was designed by the famous American architect Adam D. Tihany. Pool is now one of the attractions of Dallas and is the only of its kind in the United States.

Swimming next to sharks

Golden Nugget Hotel is hardly the most luxurious establishments in Las Vegas, because side by side with him the most expensive casinos, shopping malls and hotel complexes. However, there is a Golden Nugget feature that makes it unique in its kind.

This is a swimming pool, where tourists can admire sharks and other inhabitants of the ocean depths, while from them at arm's length. Predators swim in a huge tank, set right in the center of the pool.

But that's not all. Fans of the most thrill, not children who are interested in sports, dramatically increase the level of adrenaline in the blood, can ride a three-story water slide. Her plastic pipe runs directly on the aquarium with sharks and other marine fish, so unforgettable experience guaranteed.

The large swimming pool or a small sea

The biggest pool in the world is located at the San Alfonso Del Mar, Albarrago, Chile. He stretched a mile between the buildings of the hotel complex and the coast of the Pacific Ocean. An area of ​​about eight hectares, the amount exceeds two hundred and fifty million liters, and reaches a depth of thirty-five meters.

Pool filled with crystal clear sea water, which is purified by a unique technology. Oxygenation system can significantly reduce the use of chemicals in the process.

The colossal size of the pool, through which he was entered into the Guinness Book of Records, allow not only to swim, but even windsurfing. They say that the maintenance of the pool costs about four million dollars a year.

In the divine garden

In Las Vegas, there is not only the best casinos, and great hotel with amazing range of services. Many of them boast amazing pools.

In the famous Caesars Palace are just stunning pools Park "Garden of the Gods", aged in ancient Roman style. The complex consists of eight pools, stunning mosaics and decorated with white statues. One look at this park is enough to understand why it was so named.

Let us not forget that the hotel Caesars Palace is located in Las Vegas, so there have to be a casino. Moreover, in a separate pool "Garden of the Gods" can even place bets in games, not getting out of the water.

Of course, in the world there are many other fabulous pools. Among them are seasoned in the Cathedral of the Holy Geller style bath in Budapest, the deepest indoor swimming pool in the world, called Nemo 33, in Brussels, the rare beauty of the Turkish Hotel Pool Villa Mahal and others.